bring your tents, feel the autumn glow

Camping accommodation

Tivedstorp is beautiful in the fall, so bring a tent or camper-van and smell the crisp air of another retreating summer. Camping memberships to Afterglow are 750 SEK.

sleep inside, create a dream cabin

Cabin accommodation

At Tivedstorp there are a number of sleeping quarters which can double as dream projects, something we successfully introduced last year. These so called theme cabins work in a similar fashion to theme camps at Burning Man or The Borderland. If you would like to transform a particular cabin into a temple (for Zen, BDSM or whatever else it is that you are called to do) then that is very much encouraged! And there will be funding to apply for in order to help make it happen.

If you go through with this registration, you will be co-creating the experience of the theme-cabins. Think of ideas, bring decorations and go bananas! Teams will be decided later once participants have registered.

Dream cabin memberships to Afterglow are 950 SEK.

Any surplus from Afterglow goes towards running and maintaining the Syntheist Node community center in Stockholm.

you are hereby very much invited to join us in the forest

Afterglow at Tivedstorp

Afterglow is a weekend of storytelling, co-creation and playful connection. Present will be people we met, or perhaps didn't get the chance to meet, at The Borderland in July, but hopefully also new people eager to partake and share in our community.

The location is the deep, dark and lovely forests of Tiveden - just outside of the national park by the same name - where there has existed a place called Tivedstorp for several hundred years. At its peak population it was a village of 120 devout Christians, and for a weekend we will now temporarily recreate this village, be it in a hopefully less Christian, but in no way less devout manner. We're simply devoted to each other instead!

Dream grants are available! So come on, don´t be shy and apply for funding for your dream! Last day to apply is October 10th.

If you have any questions, you´re very welcome to contact or!

Follow the event on Facebook for updates and co-create the event in our group. Remember, you are Afterglow, and nothing happens unless you make it happen.